WPRV616 462.575 GMRS Repeater
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Repeater Pictures & Specifications

Motorola GR300 Repeater
Motorola GM300 Mobile 40Watts Out
Output Frequency:
462.575 MHz
Motorola GM300 Mobile
Input Frequency:
467.575 MHz
114.8 Hz
Interface Unit:
Motorola Zetron ZR310 Community Repeater Panal
Celwave w/N Connectors UHF 450-470MHz 50Watt
90 Seconds
Time Delay:
1.5 Seconds
My Contact Info's
Repeater Owner/Control Ops:
Repeater Location:
My Home
Owner Location:
West Burlington, Iowa (Des Moines)
Tran-Max BF-406 UHF Base Station Antenna
Frequency Range:
460 ~ 470MHz, 430 ~ 490MHz (70 cm)
3X5/8 wave length
UHF Female SO-239
Power Capacity:
200 Watts
50 Ohm
Less than 1.5:1
DC Ground:
Wind load:
Mast dia. accepted:
Tower & Antenna Specifications
Rohn Tower:
Antenna is 65 feet on a 50 foot tower
Can Be Usage For
Family Use: Yes
Personal Use: Yes
Travel Use: Yes
Emergency Use: Yes
Hobby Use: Yes
Business Use: NO
WPRV616 462.575 GMRS Repeater
November ‎22, ‎2013
edit by Ryan Smith.

WPRV616 462.575 Repeater Coverage 5 -10 Miles

Memorandum Of Understanding
Cooperative use agreement
For General Mobile Radio Repeaters

The purpose of this Memorandum is to clearly define roles and responsibilities of the Members/users and the owner (s) of the WPRV616 462.575 GMRS Repeater (WPRV616.G.R.) repeater system as described below.

For the purposes of this particular Memorandum, the following definitions can be used:

·       General Mobile Radio System is the personal radio service described in the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules (CFR 47, Part 95). The GMRS is a licensed radio service, and is different from the Family Radio Service, which requires no FCC license for operation although some frequencies are common to both services.
·       GMRS Repeaters (Repeaters) are conventional UHF repeaters installed on GMRS channels, and operated by a GMRS Licensee. This Memorandum applies specifically to the following repeaters:
·       The “WPRV616 Repeater” are located in the West Burlington, Iowa metro area.
·       Repeater Owner (owner) is the GMRS licensee who has undertaken the responsibility of maintaining the repeater equipment and making it available for use. This person is ultimately responsible for the proper operation of the repeater. This includes a good faith effort to insure that the repeater is available for licensed and permitted users, and not available to unlicensed users or others who abuse the privilege of access. The repeaters in this case are operated by:
·       The WPRV616 575 GMRS Repeater: C/O Ryan Smith, WPRV616, email: 616422@gmail.com
·       Member (Regular user) is any GMRS licensed individual, and any family members covered by that license; that has requested and obtained permission from the Repeater Owner to access the above GMRS repeaters. Members are assigned a Call Sing (“Ryan WPRV616”.)
·       Temporary User is any GMRS licensed individual that accesses the repeater on a non-regular basis (pass through or emergency) or is a member of a repeater that the (WPRV616.G.R.) has a reciprocal use agreement with.


1.The owner hereby grants free of charge permission for use of the repeaters listed in this document to any user meeting the following requirements:

1.       The User is a Member  or Temporary User as defined above;
2.       The User holds a current and valid GMRS license;
3.       The user abides by all GMRS rules, regulations, and guidelines in effect by both the FCC and the repeater owner, especially those about station identification and monitor-before-transmit.
4.       The user is aware and considerate of the shared nature of the repeaters;
5.       The user has not had access privileges revoked by the owner.
2.The user is expected to:
1.       If a Member, to sign this agreement in good faith;
2.       Maintain their GMRS license;
3.       Purchase and properly maintain their own GMRS radio equipment;
4.       Contact the repeater owner for member access permission
5.       Follow all applicable rules and guidelines;
6.       Be courteous, considerate and helpful to other users;
7.       Refrain from using Obscene, profane or indecent words, language or meaning;
8.       Report suspected repeater problems to the owner;
9.       Participate in on-air repeater equipment testing if needed.

Failure to comply with any of the above can result in the loss of access privileges.

The owner will make an effort to keep the equipment operational. However, there is NO GUARANTEE that the GMRS repeater equipment will be available for use at any given time.
In the event of a failure of the GMRS system, the GMRS system will be off the air until repairs are made. In addition, failure of the repeater equipment could possibly lead to extended downtimes, depending on the circumstances and any repair/replacement costs and availability of money to pay for them.
Repeaters may or may not be available during times of commercial power outages at the antenna sites. Sometimes during extended outages arrangements are made for backup power, but this is not always the case.


WPRV616 575 GMRS Repeater System Rules and Regulations
1.      Licensed GMRS users only.
2.      No swearing, clicking (a.k.a. dead keying) or horseplay.
3.      Emergencies take priority over all other communications. The owners of the WPRV616 462.575 GMRS Repeater reserve all rights to “close” the repeater system for emergency communications among members of certain emergency agencies that are members of the WPRV616 462.575 GMRS Repeater. These members have priority traffic over the repeater system when it is in a “closed” state.  The owners of WPRV616.G.R. ask that non-members of certain emergency agencies cease all radio traffic until the repeater returns to an “open” state.
4.      Identify with your license (call sign) after each use and every 15 minutes during use. You may call other parties using ID numbers at any time during this period.
5.      Please read and understand all FCC rules and regulations and follow them.
6.      Please be courteous to other users and monitor before transmit.
7.      The control operators and/or owners will screen all licenses for users on the repeater.
·  Temporary access may be granted by a control operator.
·  Regular users must receive our information via email and have permission granted from our control operators and/or owners.
8.      In case of emergency, disaster or call out by local law enforcement the repeater might be used by our local search and rescue group to coordinate any communications deemed necessary to save lives or property.
9.      Broadcasts, other than severe weather bulletins or news important to the repeater system are prohibited.
10.  You may conduct your families’ personal business on West Burlington, Iowa repeater system as that is what the GMRS was intended for. You may also communicate with other members of the group. Be advised that other individuals, including those who are not members (scanner surfers) can hear your conversations. Do not broadcast personal information that you wouldn’t say to a stranger.
11.  No Sound Effects or Ten Codes.
12.  No Talking about Personal Affairs or Drama.
System Naming.
Every repeater has a name.  In the case of multiple repeaters on the same frequency, it is good practice when calling someone to say which repeater you are on, in the case the other party has their radio set into scan mode, and heard the call on a different repeater with same output tones.  It is also good practice to wait until either the courtesy tone (on repeaters equipped with this feature) sounds or the repeater stops transmitting before you transmit, as not to interrupt an ongoing conversation while allowing space for someone with an emergency or other important traffic

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